Residential Entry Gates

Swing and slide, classic to contemporary gate design along with numerous automation control panel and intercom options. The choice is yours! 
New & Existing Driveway Gate Automation
Driveway Swing Gates
Driveway Slide Gates
Gate Openers and Operators
Automatic Gate Access
Audio and Video Intercoms
Driveway Gate Repair and Service

Canadian Doormaster is a full service Vancouver driveway gate installation, sales, service and repair company in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Doormaster has a broad range of expertise in the driveway gate installation and automation field. From basic automatic driveway gate entry to higher end driveway gate automation security with audio and video access, we have the know how to install a fully automated driveway gate system for your Vancouver home.  

Commercial Gates 

Canadian DoorMaster installs and services various commercial entries including barrier arm gates, swing and slide gates, underground parking gates, vehicle detection loops, as well as pedestrian gates and turnstiles.

We proudly sell, service and install the following brands: