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We believe that a Garage Door company can do much more than just install and service overhead doors. We like to think of our customers as partners, guiding them through the entire process of making their conception a reality. 

We’re Canadian Doormaster and since 1989 we’ve been putting our expertise, experience and collaborative skills into all the jobs we’ve completed for our commercial and residential garage door customers. It’s how we’ve become the primary Vancouver Garage Door company with 26 years of successful projects to date. It’s why neighbours recommend us, corporations hire us for new construction and cities, districts and municipalities rely on us to keep things working through service contracts. It’s what we bring to each job we take on, large and small.


The Team


Colleen Mooney

Colleen has been with Doormaster since 2008 and now oversees all of the day to day operations. Our amazing Colleen also heads up our wholesale division and is passionate about all things doors! Her knowledge and expertise in the door industry is immense and she holds numerous certifications and qualifications. Colleen is also the mother of the future CEO, Cole Hart!

Accidentally! I had just graduated high school, and was looking for a job before I was ready to go to university. I applied for an ad for a “dispatcher” thinking it would be something like Police or Ambulance. It was a small garage door company looking for a dispatcher! I took the job, having no idea what I was getting into. They say “once you are in the door industry you never get out”… It’s true! Here I am, 18 years later, and I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else.

Helping people. On a client level, most people who call us are not particularly happy. Their door is broken, they have things to do and a broken door was not one of them. To be able to provide them with a solution and help them get on with their day make me feel really good, that I am making a difference. Or, walking someone through a simple fix over the phone, such as a programming a remote, or adjusting a photo eye. Something they didn’t know they could do themselves. When they do it, and you can hear that door run, and the excitement in their voice, that’s the best!

On the management end of the spectrum, I really enjoy guiding our staff to grow as employees, and as people. To give them the training and tools to be better, and watch their satisfaction in themselves increase as they do so is really rewarding.

I don’t get to do it much anymore, but a residential door sale where the customer has no idea what would look best on their house. I love the designing process, using computer programs to show them the door on their house, all the different options, guiding them through the process, and then seeing through to the installation. The right door create a such a transformation. And increase the curb value of your home with minimal investment.

IDEA Accredited Door Dealer
IDEA Trainer
Director, International Door Institute (IDA)
President, Canadian Door Institute (BC Chapter)
CDI Overhead Door Support Advisor Level 1
Occupational First Aid level 1

Teaching yoga, Marine Biology (specializing in whales) or a Psychologist.

General Manager Doormaster

Mike Plecash

General Manager


I took over an existing small door manufacturer business in the mid 80’s.

I like the industry because of the entrepreneurial attitude. It is also an industry that is changing so there is lots of opportunity to learn.

I have been learning more about fire doors and all the safety aspects they bring to a building.

If I could make a living playing music, that would be great but I love my work!

Canadian Doormaster Dispatcher Kathy

Kathy Doucet

Since 2009, Kathy has been providing Doormaster with an incredibly organized dispatch division and is also our Burnaby office manager. Kathy has marvelous multi tasking abilities that makes us all stand in awe! Kathy was recently married to the love of her life in a beautiful outdoor setting and now loves being called “Mrs Doucet”!

I was looking for a change in career and friends that worked for Canadian Doormaster suggested that I apply for the position. 10 years later, I’m happy to say I made the right choice.

This is a tough question. My first thought was the customers, the satisfaction of calming a frantic customer and assisting them over the phone. Coordinating a big job to completion; getting the call from the customer thanking us for a job well done and complementing the installers. All of it makes me so proud.
Then I think of the people I work with every day and night – the technicians I call in the middle of the night get into their trucks, no matter what the time is and no matter what the weather is.

I love going out on calls when I can – residential or commercial – so that I get to meet customers in person and see the job sites.
I feel fortunate that Doormaster supports me in doing so as I learn so much when I go out on a call and it makes me a better dispatcher!

Currently working on my CDI certification, Level One.
10 years dispatching 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year is a wealth of accrued knowledge.

A zoo keeper! 
Honestly, I can’t see myself doing anything else. The staff are family, and our customers extended family. The industry changes constantly and the jobs and products reflect an industry that embraces technology. It is never boring!
I also have the good fortune to have an inspirational supervisor, Colleen, who constantly challenges me to grow and learn.

Master Technician Garage Doors

Kyle Hart

Kyle holds a Master Technician status from the International Door Association along with many other certifications. Kyle also has expertise overseeing installations for telephone entry and access controls, multi-door controllers, access base programming software, single door controllers, accessories, transmitters and wireless technology. Kyle has also developed several apps that are used throughout the garage door industry.

The looks on people’s faces when they say “you can’t possibly do that by yourself” and then I do!

I love the challenge of commercial installation and all of the different skills that are required for it.

CDI certified level 1 & 2
IDEA Certified Master Technician
IDEA Certified Gate Operator Installer
IDEA Automated Gate Systems Designer
IDEA Trainer
Forklift, fall protection, aerial platform Certifications
Occupational First Aid Level 1
POST (Petroleum Oriented Safety) Training
IDEA Board of Directors
Canadian Door Institute (National) Board of Directors

I’d be consulting for Canadian Doormaster! Or Batman! 
Or, I would be in robotics.

Rob Lylick

Residential Sales

Rob has been with us overseeing residential garage door sales and service for 6 years and has 15 years experience in the door business. If you need questions answered about residential garage doors, Rob is your guy!

I started as a driver for overhead doors and then moved on to technician and then sales.

Site checks – I enjoy meeting different people and helping with their needs. I enjoy working with the Canadian Doormaster team!

All the unusual installations like full mirrored doors and folding camper doors.

Winner of Hot dog eating Challenge!

If I weren’t with Canadian Doormaster, I would be flying.

Wholesale garage door sales John Dearden

John Dearden

Warehouse Manager

John has been keeping our warehouses superbly organized for 6 years. Besides shipping and receiving all our orders, John also makes sure all our installers are fully stocked up when they leave for service calls and installations. You’re bound to see John’s smiling face when you visit Doormaster for a pick up!

A friend recommended the job to me. I’m glad I followed through on the suggestion!

Helping people relieve their stress by working with them through their issue until it’s resolved.

I have to say, my favorite aspect of this job is working with customers.

I am certified in First Aid and I’m working on my CDI accreditation.

I’d still be helping people in some way! It gives me a great feeling at the end of the day.

Louis Doucet

Fleet Maintenance

Louis has been with the company for 5 years and oversees the maintenance of all of our vehicles along with helping keep everything running smoothly in our warehouses and assisting on some of our residential and commercial installations.

My wife worked for the company. I started by doing some deliveries for the company and some mechanical work on the service trucks. Eventually one thing led to another and I started full time.

The verity of calls. Arriving on a job, the diagnostic aspects and being able to resolve the issue. I enjoy helping people feel safe leaving a job knowing that they have a safe and secure door/ gate. I particularly like meeting different people on a daily basis.

All the ones my wife dispatches me to especially the ones in the middle of the night, to be honest. Or the jobs she gets to come help me on – again, especially the middle of the night calls.
I like it when I arrive when a customer thinks that their door or gate is beyond repair.
It might be hanging by the cables or they have hit it. Once it’s fixed, it’s great to see how happy they are.

I am working on CDI Level one.
I currently hold Fall Restraint and Post training & lock out tag out certifications.

Helping my wife run her Zoo! 
I have had several careers over the years. For the longest time I would say “I’m not a Door guy”.
Now I can definitely say I’m a door guy for life.
The industry has taught me a lot and the people are great. We all help each other whether it’s a service tech from another company or another CDN DoorMaster employee, everyone has the same goal to give safe professional service. I know I can count on these guys day or night.

Meranda Accounts payable Canadian Doormaster

Meranda Riley

Accounts Payable / Invoicing

Meranda is an integral part of Canadian Doormaster and assists customers as well as maintaining invoicing systems.

I was looking for a new job and was offered a position with Canadian Doormaster. I had no idea what I was getting into, but now this is my 2nd family.

I love taking part in industry events and making a difference.

If I were to put a door on my home, I’d go with a Coachman because of its vintage charm and rustic feel. Or an Avante because of their ability to brighten a space.

I am working on my CDI overhead support adviser certification.

I would be adding to my houseful of misfit animals! 3 dogs, a cat and a fish aren’t enough!

Garage door installer Andre

Andre Ghali

Installer / Serviceman

An article about Andre was featured in the Vancouver Sun. Read it here.

My favorite part of the job is providing great service to my customers.

I particularly enjoy installing a new door and see the customer happy with the new look.

I am working on CDI accreditation.

I would be working and helping my community. I’m glad to be a part of Canadian Doormaster and the things they do in our communities.

Canadian Doormaster Lead Installer Serviceman

Josue Sosa

Lead Installer / Serviceman


12 years ago a friend invited me to a free training in Houston, TX and that was my start in the door industry.

I enjoy interacting with new people every day.

I don’t have a specific door preference but I like good frames!

John Field Journeyman Garage door installer

John Field

Sunshine Coast Manager, Lead Technician/Installer


I started back in 2005 working for a door company in Victoria. I left the industry in 2009 but returned in 2016 to further my career.

Every day is a different job, different people and a different experience!

The bigger the door, the more I enjoy the challenge.

CDI Level II, WHMIS, Forklift certification, FIrst Aid, and Arial Fall Restraint.

Commercial garage door sales

Ben Yan

Commercial Sales Representative


I wanted a job out of the office more. Stumbled onto this quite by luck.

Customer interactions. Understanding and fulfilling their needs and requirements.
Knowing you have done your job to the best of your abilities.

Challenging jobs where we have limitations for room.
Getting a door to fit in a place where someone else said it can’t be done.

That’s hard to say as I’ve not known of any other professions other than Engineering and Garage doors.
I’ve been in this profession for probably now the last 45 years or more.

Garage Door accounts payable Andrew

Andrew West

Invoicing & Accounts Receivable


I made my move into the door and access systems by wanting to make a change from the carpet service and care industry. I saw there was a position at Canadian Doormaster and immediately applied. 

Being new to the door systems industry, I enjoy being able to learn about all the systems and maintenance.

I enjoy talking to customers after a service has been completed. They always share the story of how their door was broken and how relieved they are we were able to help them.

I’d probably still be in the carpet service and care industry or still looking to make a change.

Doormaster Bookkeeper Yu Kwan Cheng

Yu Kwan Cheng

Head Bookkeeper

Hans was my neighbor across the street from my old work location.  He needed someone to crunch his numbers and I said great. 
The work here allows me to be calm even when under fire.
I have an accounting diploma and the rest is history.

Once a numbers man, I will always be a numbers man.



Installer / Serviceman

 Honestly I was looking for a better opportunity for me and my family as being immigrants. I started research this specific industry and i liked it a lot then I  found in Facebook the ad from Doormaster and I was very interested on it so apply right away.
The best part is the interaction with co-workers and customers. On the other hand see the smile of customer satisfaction when they receive their door installed.

I do not have a favorite type of door but I like to take work in open places and with good space to be able to install the door.

Jacob Garage Door Technician

Jacob Dickson

Installer / Serviceman

I was a finishing carpenter for several years and installed several thousand man doors which
led to a career in Commercial door industry. Thought go big or go home!
The comradery of all the staff with each other in a team based atmosphere where your hard
work is appreciated daily.
My favorite type of door job is one that pushes me to learn more and further my skills in the industry.

Fall protection
First-aid Level 1
Liftmaster commercial operator
Carpentry LVL 3

I would be relaxing with my beautiful wife all day long at a beach somewhere warm.
Realistically though, probably do more schooling learn more in the trade and further my career, as the real Batman… Possibly Deadpool.


Ryan Pankratz

Installer / Serviceman

I got my start in the door industry when I was still in high school as a part time job helping in a warehouse. Once I was out of high school I became a garage door technician
The best part of my job is the diversity of the work Doormaster does. Some days I’m wiring, the next day I’m welding. We take on almost anything.

My favorite type of job in this industry is working on parkade gates. I’m very experienced in new installations and in troubleshooting electrical issues on existing operators.

Low voltage ticket

CDI lvl 1

First Aid lvl 1

Aerial lift certification


Fall protection

If I’m not busy at work I enjoy fishing the Fraser off my boat. I also enjoy driving RC cars with my two boys and attending my daughter’s dance classes. Dad stuff mostly.

Nic garage door installer apprentice

Nic Siebert 

Apprentice Installer / Warehouse

I got into the door business after high school by working with my dad.
All the good people I get to work with.
I love myself a standard lift door!

High school, but I’m working on additional certifications.

If I wasn’t working for Doormaster, I would be helping my community in another way.

Canadian Doormaster in the community

Canadian Doormaster is the proud sponsor of various youth and adult soccer groups around the lower mainland, Sunshine Coast of BC and as far off as the Caribbean! Besides the “beautiful game” we also sponsor many local charity groups. 

UnHinged Women's Soccer Team
Dover Government School, Carriacou, Grenada, West Indies
Dover Government School, Carriacou, Grenada, West Indies
Halfmoon Bay Football Team
UnHinged Women's Soccer Team
Blue Ocean Golf Course

We are well-known for our support for community events and we always appreciate these kinds of letters: